nVent RAYCHEM HWAT Self-regulating Trace heating Cables


Hot water at tap in single pipe water distribution system

The HWAT self regulating heating cables maintain the desired water temperature in a building’s water distribution pipe network. Positioned on the pipe underneath the insulation, the cables compensate for temperature loss of the warm water.

Key benefits:

  • Instant hot water at tap
  • Prevention of bacterial proliferation:
    • Water maintained at a specific temperature level
    • No return pipework and no return of cold water into the water heater
    • Less water in entire pipe network
    • Thermal shock can be performed for Legionella prevention
  • Environmentally friendly through lower power consumption and reduced water consumption
  • A flexible design solution, quick and easy to install
  • Complete range for all building types :
    • HWAT-L for smaller projects ( single family houses, flats)
    • HWAT-M for appartments and offices
    • HWAT-R for hotels, hospitals, convalescent homes

Combined with HWAT-Eco or ACS-30 controller you can achieve increased energy savings and optimised operation

Tehniskā specifikācija

Nominal Power output 7W/m @ 45°C 9 W/m @ 55°C 12 W/m @ 70°C
Nominal voltage 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
Maximum circuit length 180 m 100 m 100 m
Circuit breaker size Type C; Max 20A Type C; Max 20A Type C; Max 20A
Maximum exposure temperature 65°C 65°C 80°C
Maximum exposure temperature – Power on 85°C 85°C 90°C
Approvals / Certifications BS / ÖVE / VDE / SEV / CSTB / SVGW / DVGW / CE / VDE BS / ÖVE / VDE / SEV / CSTB / SVGW / DVGW / CE / VDE BS / ÖVE / VDE / SEV / CSTB / SVGW / DVGW / CE / VDE
Compatible components Rayclic Connection kit Rayclic Connection kit Rayclic Connection kit
Control Unit HWAT-Eco recommended HWAT-Eco essential
Outer jacket colour yellow orange red
Legionella prevention thermal shock on complete piping network including dead ends
kit available Preterminated kit* Spoolbox** no

*HWAT L preterminated kit content

  • 15 m HWAT-L heating cable,
  • 1 RayClic Power connection with Plug
  • 1 RayClic end seal,
  • 1 timer
  • 3 warning labels
  • 50 cable ties

**Hwat M Spoolbox content

  • 50 m Hwat M


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