nVent RAYCHEM XL- Trace LSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


RAYCHEM XL-Trace LSZH self-regulating heating cables

RAYCHEM XL-Trace provides frost protection for pipes in areas exposed to sub-zero temperatures and ensures flow maintenance in grease waste line applications. The self-regulating heating cable range, combined with pipe insulation, prevent water pipes, fire mains, sprinklers from freezing and grease waste lines from clogging up. Developed specifically for use within commercial and residential buildings, XL-Trace's Low Smoke Zero Halogen materials ensure it is the safest solution for modern building design. For quick and easy installation, all XL-Trace cables are designed for use with the RayClic fast connection device. The cables are warranted under the RAYCHEM Extended Warranty Program providing 10 years warranty for registered installations. Additional warranties apply when installed by a RAYCHEM Certified Pro.

  • 10XL2-ZH (10 W/m @ 5°C)
  • 15XL2-ZH (15 W/m @ 5°C)
  • 26XL2-ZH (26 W/m @ 5°C)
  • 31XL2-ZH (31 W/m @ 5°C)
Unparalleled building safety
  • Up to 90% less smoke emissions: Tested and compliant with IEC61034-2
  • Zero halogen: IEC60754-1 tested and compliant
  • Improved self-extinguishing properties under the IEC62395 flammability test

Superior quality and long life expectancy
  • Radiation-cross linked for extended life expectancy in excess of 25 years
  • UV resistant: IEC60068-2-5 and IEC60068-2-9 tested and compliant
  • Colourfast under UV exposure
  • Resistant to mild inorganic substances

Energy efficient
  • Self-regulating technology: The heat output automatically adjusts depending on the local temperature at every point along its length
  • Major energy savings when used with the RAYCHEM "PASC" ambient sensing controller when compared with typical ambient control devices

Ease of use
  • Quick and easy installation with the RayClic fast connection system
  • Self-regulating technology: cut-to-length on site to mitigate any design variations
  • Long circuits lengths up to 215m, for fewer power connections and faster installation
  • Highly flexible cable with bend radius of 10mm

Tehniskā specifikācija

10XL2-ZH 15XL2-ZH 26XL2-ZH 31XL2-ZH
Application Pipe Freeze Protection Pipe Freeze Protection Pipe Freeze Protection Flow Maintenance
Pipe Freeze Protection
Part Number P000002113 P000002114 P000002115 P000002116
Nominal Power output 10W/m @ 5 ° C 15W/m @ 5 ° C 26W/m @ 5 ° C 31W/m @ 5 ° C
Nominal voltage 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
Maximum circuit length 215m 160m 135m 118m
Circuit breaker size Type C: 20A Type C: 20A Type C: 20A Type C: 20A
Maximum exposure temperature (power on/off) 65 ° C 65 ° C 65 ° C 85 ° C
Maximum intermittent exposure temperature (power off) 85 ° C 85 ° C 85 ° C 90 ° C
Approvals / Certifications CE / VDE / GOST-R / CSTB CE / VDE / GOST-R / CSTB CE / VDE / GOST-R / CSTB CE / VDE / GOST-R / CSTB
IEC60754-1 (Zero Halogen Insulation Material)
IEC61034-2 (Low Smoke Emissions)
IEC60068-2-5 and IEC60068-2-9 (UV-Resistance)
Compatible components RayClic RayClic RayClic RayClic
Connection and Protection