nVent PYROTENAX HSQ mineral insulated (MI) Stainless Steel series heating cables are suited for use in hazardous areas in trace heating applications where temperature resistance, power output and durability are paramount.

The heating cables can be used for exposure temperatures up to 750°C and a typical power output up to 150 W/m. (Higher temperatures and power outputs can be achieved, contact nVent Thermal Management for assistance)

Main features of PYROTENAX HSQ heating systems are :

  • Compliance to T-rating to be proven per design
  • Offered in bulk as well as pre terminated
  • Can be laser welded for optimum quality of all connections
  • Excellent temperature withtstand capabilities
  • Usually used in conjunction with more advanced control systems
  • Can be manufactured in 24 hours after receipt of the order in case of emergencies (fast-track service - limited quantities depending on capacity)


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